3 Ways To Beat The Resistance Blocking You From Elevation

by | Nov 7, 2017

I get it. It’s easier to stay in the comfort zone than it is to elevate to the level you know you’re called to live and walk.

Every time you’re about to take that leap & own your path, you find yourself dumbing things down to what’s “safe”, or playing small in what’s comfy, or running back to sticking to “what you know”.

But girl… if you feel “off” in any area of your life that means it’s time to elevate. Remember ELEVATION is hard & Resistance WILL kick in. This is natural. Once you know this; instead of fighting it off you can see it as a good sign that you’re stretching. You’re growing. Turn the discomfort into love & excitement for your vision.

Here are 3 ways to beat the resistance blocking you from elevation:

1: Realize stepping up isn’t just about YOU.

For EX: In biz – your audience/following is missing out on your gifts just because you’re stuck on inner b.s. thoughts that probably don’t even matter. Shift your priorities to something bigger than yourself. This is not just about you and your own insecurities. Elevation is also about the people who need you to step up, who need to be touched by you. When you play in your comfort zone others missing out on your potential glow. If you won’t show up for you, show up for us.

2. Detach from the results/outcomes.

Obsessing over outcomes will increase resistance. Detach! Have you noticed that reaching the finish line on goals is like 1% of life 🏁, while being in the process is like 99% of life? So if we stress so much about the 1% It’ll only make like 99% of life sadly wasted in worrying instead of wonder & just DOING. By focusing on the present moment we’re more likely to hit goals since we’re bringing the right energy. Let’s stop letting potential outcomes define our sanity & start bringing excitement to the process.

3. Be a PRO.

Remember amateurs WAIT to be “feel like it”, while pros choose to show up even if they don’t feel like it. They know by showing up any motivation/confidence they were “lacking” will come. They know motion creates motivation instead of the other way around. Approach your work like a pro.

Yes yes? 👇🏽


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