4 ways I’m sneaking more greens in my diet

by | Nov 7, 2017

More greens please.

Hey Queens, so a few months ago I set the intention to get more GREENS into my diet daily 🍃 (instead of here & there) to improve my health.

The following four changes have helped me increase my intake consistently. They are simple but have made a difference for me. Let me know which ones you’re already doing or plan to do.

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1️⃣: Green Smoothies:

This method is a good way to get a handful of veggies (AND FRUITS) in without really “feeling it” 😂. And they can be soo good if you mix the right fruits together.

Quick notes: I make mine with coconut water, and add a little ginger and protein powder. For greens, I usually opt for just spinach or mix of spinach bok choy, & kale, since the kale alone is usually just too bitter for me right now 😩 lol.

For fruits I usually used mixed berries and some mango. Frozen fruits make the smoothie SO much better. So go for that.

I’ve also turned them into green smoothie pops which makes it even easier to eat on the go.

2️⃣ ADDING it into something I’m already making:

Sometimes the idea of having to eat or prepare the veggies separately makes us skip it all together. But I began to just add into what I know I’ll already would make.

Ex. Throwing some spinach in my eggs 🍳 or broccoli to my stir fry shrimp/chicken or tofu or Spinach in my sandwich etc.

3️⃣: Green Superfood Powder:

I get mine from the Amazing Grass brand. One serving has about 4-5 servings of fruits and veggies. It’s a quick, no excuse way to get the vitamins and minerals you need from greens. I mix mine with water or orange juice.

4️⃣: Opting for frozen veggies:

Frozen veggies are ready to be cooked on the fly. You don’t have to clean, peal, prep or cut or and THAT takes away some resistance for people like me who just can’t deal. I always have frozen veggies because in minutes they are ready to eat.

Let’s get these greens ladies 😝👏🏽.


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