4 Ways to make sure the hustle doesn’t take over your mood.

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The PURSUIT of happiness can easily become the source of our UNHAPPINESS..

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💌 The PURSUIT of happiness can easily become the source of our UNHAPPINESS.  Sometime last year I came to a point where I feeling miserable on my journey. Although I was passionate about my goals, there was just this “blah” feeling I couldn’t shake off and I felt like business was taking over my life and mood. Know what I mean?


Here are 4 quick changes I made to feel happier AS I worked towards my goals, to make sure my hustle for more in life didn’t negatively take over my mood.


1️⃣Intentionally SCHEDULING time for the things/activities I truly enjoy & time with the people I enjoy being with. I now use my calendar religiously. I no longer just schedule business, I also schedule fun/ other things in my “ideal lifestyle” vision. We say we wish we could do this and do that but are those things being SCHEDULED? Put a date and time on it to increase the chances that you’ll do it.


2️⃣ Being PRESENT in the NOW. Most of our worrying & frustration comes from being too stuck in the PAST or too stuck in the FUTURE. When frankly they don’t even exist. NOW is the only real thing. • I would get all worried about YESTERDAY or TOMORROW without realizing all the great things I could be doing TODAY and appreciating NOW.


3️⃣ I began taking care and expressing gratitude to what I ALREADY have. My home, my wardrobe, my bank account, my followers, MYSELF. We tend to want more more more without fully appreciating and enjoying what we’ve already been blessed with. In order to attract what you want – good vibes and a state of abundance are key anyway so why not give yourself permission to feel good about what you have now.


4️⃣ I DECIDED NOT to DEPEND my happiness upon goals. I’m very ambitious, so I would find myself hitting one goal… only to set a NEXT goal and feel like I was in a never ending cycle of waiting to be happy. • I would say “I’ll allow myself to be happy WHEN I…” • Now, I no longer wait until I hit a goal to feel excited or content. I choose to feel good now. 😝😝

Life is an ever-evolving Journey and I’m just enjoying every step of the way. • • • #FiercerWomanFiles 📁 FILE/EP.09


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