5 Ways to get out of bed when you don’t feel like it

by | Nov 7, 2017

Because some days… just feel like nah.

5 simple ways to get out of bed when you just don’t feel like it (most of this you know, but after this video imma need you to stop playing & implement it before tomorrow ).

(Press play below)

1️⃣ Put that alarm FAR away from the bed.

I use my phone and I now make sure to put it ACROSS the room so I don’t even have the opportunity to hit snooze unless I get up and take a few steps (which by that time I’m like you know what, I’m up).

2️⃣ Use an alarm clock sound that doesn’t mess up your mood ‍♀️.

I recommend a song that makes you WANT to start your day (this is why I use my phone as an alarm, because I have all my jams there)

But You that annoying default alarm? The one that sounds like an emergency? See, while it may get you out the bed I feel it just messes up your mood. So you wake up already annoyed at your clock/phone. So you hit snooze like ‘shut uppppp!’ And walk back to the bed as revenge. I know I’m not the only one. Maybe it works for you but I realized it didn’t for me.

3️⃣ Leverage someone who already wakes up early

Have them call you (preferably video call so you not frontin’ like “yeah I’m upppp”. ) have them wait not until you just say “hello” but until your butt is OUT the bed and awake awake.

4️⃣: Try sleep meditation

It’s been working some wonders for me. It can subconsciously prepare you in your sleep to feel ready and motivated/charged to start the next day. (I’ve been using few on YT)

5️⃣ Push yourself for “only” five seconds.

Five seconds it’s a small commitment. So if you decide to detach from your feelings for that moment and decide to just countdown from 5, and push yourself out the bed within that time that can help as well.

These have all helped me. •
Which one was your fav? And do you have any other tips?


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