about me

I’m Catherine Soliz-Rey. A silly, keep it real New Yorker, who is inlove with all things about elevation.

If you’re ready to start pressing the play button on becoming and living as the woman you want to be – then you’re in the right place. Fiercer woman is about elevating your happiness, good vibes, sexiness, fulfillment, sanity, passion, lifestyle, and everything fierce.

In early 2016 I realized I had become a burnt out and bored branding coach (my previous line of work as many of you ladies know).  

I hit a wall where I had finally hit my income goals and was “booked solid” but realized “ughhhh this can’t be life.” 

And I was living a life that wasn’t lighting me up. I had clients, and money coming in – yet I was feeling depressed, empty and out of alignment. I felt like I’d allowed business to take over my life. Just checking stuff off a list but not living fully.

I began wondering, what do I really want? and what if I got over my bullsh*t, just gave myself permission to do those things? How much more could I experience if I pressed the play button on true dreams, desires and ideas. 

So fiercer woman was born, a movement all around living and becoming the woman we want to be. 

I do not regret my journey working with branding clients. It helped me realize that in most cases we do not need more “marketing strategies” to elevate our life but need more belief, happiness, alignment, confidence, excitement, and inner work. 

Everything I share is based on:

1.) My past experience = what type of mindset shifts it took to go from broke to breakthrough within 30 days after years of struggle – a flood of customers/5 figure month/3-4 figure day type of income (it was not learning more marketing strategies – it was changing my mindset).  

2.) My current experiences = How I am becoming more and more of a woman I am proud to be on a daily basis and how we can all snatch our lives as women a little bit at a time.

I had planned to make this about page more elaborate but this how simple my message is.

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