More money makes you more of who you already are.

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More money just makes you more of you who you already are.

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Let’s keep it real: Are you “ready” (mentally & habit wise) to make the kind of money you say wish to make?

You say you want to make $X a month, but have you ALREADY began elevating and shifting into the kind of person that makes $X. You know, that better version of yourself, you always envision you’ll be when making that $X.

Because if not…you’ll always end up back at square 1. Why? 

Because more money just makes you more of you who you already are.

If you think money is the magic solution that’ll improve your bad habits, mindset, happiness etc. You tried it, sis . Those things have to change from NOW .. before the money comes.

I remember a few years ago dreaming about how more money would wipe away my credit card debt, my bad eating habits, my irresponsibleness, my funky mood etc. Well that wasn’t the case.

It actually just made me indulge more in those bad habits because I didn’t work on myself first ☝🏽….. “But 😨 but 😰 I THOUGHT MONEY WOULD MAKE THOSE CHANGES FOR ME” I thought. Nope – in reality I had to think the other way around – I needed to change and become a better me first in order to attract more of, positively use, enjoy and KEEP $X.

Money is a real relationship. If you ain’t ready, it’ll get tired of you and dip. And if you really don’t respect it, take advantage of it and don’t show it the love it deserves .. it’ll leave you messed up!

So ladies … ask yourself: What things have I been slacking on or putting off because I’m waiting for more money come and change it for me?

Which of those things can I get in the habit of/change now?
Ex. Being responsible with my money habits, making better food choices, going out more with what I can, getting in habit of working out, feeling happy etc etc etc 😘😘😘 It all changes NOW loves.

🙌🏽 So that when the money comes it only enhances you and your life for the BETTER instead of worse!

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More money makes you more of who you already are.

More money just makes you more of who you already are.