Be Proactive about getting the high vibe friends you want.

by | Nov 7, 2017

“I need new friends”.

When you’re leveling up you tend to outgrow certain friends 👀 and crave a new circle of those higher vibe friends… that “GET IT”. You know what I’m talking about?

That’s natural and frankly in my opinion it’s necessary…to have those friends who GET IT, you can GROW with, dream with, make moves with, laugh with, exchange ideas, vent with, keep it 100 with.

Instead of feeling a way about not having them yet…. just be proactive, vulnerable and start getting those friends.

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Friendships are proven to boost our happiness and health 🙏🏽.

But you CAN’T just “wait” for that to “POOF” show up in your life.. feeling a way like “damn i’m so lame like why i ain’t got no friends”?

NO – you need BE PROACTIVE about getting those friends you envision.

1. first DECIDE which kinds of friends do want, and would like to attract into your life and it’ll be easier to do so. All of a sudden you’ll start seeing people on IG, or at events, or remembering people you met who match that 👸🏽👸🏾.

2. Get pro-active about it .
Go to events, Reach out to people, DM, email, and ask set time to link up, and get to know one another. Note: you won’t look lame (as long as you don’t start coming off as thirst and accept the L if it comes) – look sis, honestly, all of us know the journey to greatness can be lonely – you ain’t gotta front. Reach out and connect.

I started hitting up people I could vibe with like… sis, I like what you’re doing- can we like go to brunch be friends 😂. And not everyones gunna respond… and you don’t need a bunch of friends but it’s great to start CONNECTING. It feeds the soul.

So start INTENTIONALLY that creating that circle of people who you’d enjoy spending time with. don’t wait for it to just happen – start today and you’ll see it just makes life overall a bit more fun.

Let me know your thoughts over on instagram.


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