Waiting for certainty? You played yourself (skit)

Waiting for certainty? You played yourself. When your bestie says she's waiting for "certainty and clarity" before she makes a move ! This fiercer woman file is in a skit like format! Lol, something new. Press play below: A post shared by Catherine Ochún 👑Soliz-Rey...

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Be Proactive about getting the high vibe friends you want.

"I need new friends". When you're leveling up you tend to outgrow certain friends 👀 and crave a new circle of those higher vibe friends... that "GET IT". You know what I'm talking about? That's natural and frankly in my opinion it's necessary...to have those friends...

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Want Different habits? See yourself as a different person.

Watch your words. Watch your words. We say crap like "I just hate going to the gym. Just not my style" but we still set the goal wonder why we don't go to the gym. We're like ugh I don't get why can't stick to this goal. It's because our foundational beliefs about...

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4 ways I’m sneaking more greens in my diet

More greens please. Hey Queens, so a few months ago I set the intention to get more GREENS into my diet daily 🍃 (instead of here & there) to improve my health. The following four changes have helped me increase my intake consistently. They are simple but have made a...

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An organized purse can boost your self-esteem.

Organize that purse. Ever catch yourself SCRAMBLING through your purse 👜 to look for something? Every time you do that - a bit of your self-confidence chips off. It may not seem that deep, but subconsciously (or consciously) every time you do that, it reminds you that...

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5 Ways to get out of bed when you don’t feel like it

Because some days... just feel like nah. 5 simple ways to get out of bed when you just don't feel like it (most of this you know, but after this video imma need you to stop playing & implement it before tomorrow ). (Press play below) A post shared by Catherine Ochún...

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My Book Notes: Speed of Implementation

One of my favorite books ever: "The Speed of Implementation". 🙌🏽  It's a simple, to the point book - but lawdddd - it was life changing for me. I read that book in one day (fall, 2015) and I had the biggest breakthrough of my life shortly after (whoever has been...

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3 Ways To Beat The Resistance Blocking You From Elevation

I get it. It's easier to stay in the comfort zone than it is to elevate to the level you know you're called to live and walk. Every time you're about to take that leap & own your path, you find yourself dumbing things down to what's "safe", or playing small in what's...

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hey, GIRL.

My Obsession: How do we break past the bullsh*t that holds us back from being fierce?


hey, GIRL HEY.
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My Obsession: How do we break past the bullsh*t that holds us back from being fierce? I’m here to help you (and join you) in becoming the fiercest version of ourselves. {here}