F*ck rules. Only rule is alignment.

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LET GO of the of others’ definition of success. Let go of the “rules” and OWN YOUR OWN..

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I remember 2015. Many months trying to model others & fit my brand into a box . A box of what was supposed to be “the right way” of doing things.

Truth is…there are no rules here. Do what makes YOU feel good.

At one point I was convinced that success (as someone monetizing their expertise) meant

  • I had to hide my inner ratchetness 🙁
  • I HAD to have just one popular high priced program.
  • That must launch only 1-2x a year
  • Or That I NEEDED to do FB ads
  • Take professional headshots,
  • Do discovery calls
  • Have only just a few clients

The list goes on.

I started to fit myself in this box of things I was “supposed” to do instead how I WANTED to.

I looked at (stalked ) what OTHER people were doing and began to convince myself on more “rules” such as: “selling lower priced stuff is for amateurs, you need twitter, having a 4 payment plan is “too flexible”, fb ads are better than IG ads,” and more crap I started believing I HAD to do or drop.

Until one day I realized…I don’t “HAVE to” do a dang thing.

I was frustrated & so sick of being “another cornball branding coach” – doing what everyone was copying from everyone else & was tired of trying to catch up to the next “best strategy”.

I felt a burning desire to do whatever the heck I wanted. I started fresh. I decided to re-package my offers the way I FELT like it, have as many offer ideas as I FELT like having, price things how I FELT like pricing, speaking and writing the way I FELT like speaking and I literally came ALIVE .

What do you REALLY want to do? How do you REALLY want to do it?

LET GO of the of others’ definition of success. Let go of the “rules” and OWN YOUR OWN.

When I broke away from the “rules” of my industry and made moves based on what Iiiiiiiii defined as exciting – business took off.

Even these quick file videos – it took me long to do it because I held on to the “rule” that I HAD to do longer 10 minute fancy videos or do only one “quality” weekly video.

Don’t feel like you need to change yourself or your heart. Do what excites you in biz. That FLOW will feel amazing.

So, you ready to DO YOU?

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My Obsession: How do we break past the bullsh*t that holds us back from being fierce?


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