Little hack that’s helped me commit multiple habits without overwhelm

by | Nov 7, 2017

We tryna snatch our lives…

… and we tryna do it ASAP. So we commit to multiple new habits:
The body, the productivity, spirituality, the relationship, the money, the self-care, the this, the that. 

Then overwhelm hits & it feels like there are just too many new habits to stick to. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed right?

🔥 But there’s a little hack that has helped me tremendously with improving my life as I continue on this elevation journey. It’s choosing what I call DOMINO EFFECT HABITS (also known as keystone habits). A domino effect habit is a habit that naturally helps other areas of your life elevate. It overflows positive effects into other areas.

For me, it’s DOING MY EYEBROWS. 😂 It creates a domino effect of greatness in my day honey 💁🏽.

Listen, that simple little habit creates a HUGE domino effect. Once I do my brows I feel like I look good 😛, and when I look good – I feel good, & when I feel good I am more productive 💼. I’m also more likely to follow through on shooting videos or going on live. And my vibe is just overall on a high because I feel fierce.

I’m likely to get out the house or take a walk and the list goes on. It also triggers that feeling of “Okay, my day has started”, and I’m ready to work. … All these things from ONE habit ☝🏽.

❓So ask yourself what’s one habit that can positively influence other good habits?

Of course you can have more domino effect habits, I just recommend first identifying one that has the biggest effect 📶.

My others include, making my bed, drinking my green smoothie, reading in the morning, and planning my day. When I do them it helps everything else go smoothly.

So for you, what’s one behavior that can lead to a lot more? That one thing that when you do it he rest of the day just feels better. 👏🏽👏🏽.

Start with that and remember even if it’s small – if it makes a difference for you, it matters.

This will help you focus on one habit that’ll naturally help you snatch multiple areas of your life together. Makes sense?

Did this help? Let me know on Instagram.


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