My Book Notes: Speed of Implementation

by | Nov 7, 2017

One of my favorite books ever: “The Speed of Implementation”. 🙌🏽 

It’s a simple, to the point book – but lawdddd – it was life changing for me.

I read that book in one day (fall, 2015) and I had the biggest breakthrough of my life shortly after (whoever has been following me for a while remembers). It was exactly what I needed at that time.

🔥 I re-read the book over the past few days and I just need to share my favorite takeaways.

📁 Many times we can’t see the full path to success, we can only see a few steps so if we just take those steps the rest will become clearer AS WE GO. Instead of going into information gathering mode or “asking for more feedback” mode for the hundredth time – take the next step.

📁 By starting and moving quickly you can learn a lot more than thinking and wondering about it. Imagine if you completed more projects in less time than the norm. How much sharper would you be than the average person in your industry. Experience is where you get sharp. While everyone wants to take forever planning you can be learning the real facts of the game.

📁 Work on a FEW well defined projects that are valuable to you. And give them your 100 hustle and focus. Fck the rest.

📁 Every single habit you have is making success easier for you or moving success away from you. Evaluate where your time is going.

📁 Vision without execution is hallucination.

📁 The worst decision is indecision.

📁 What if lived and DID as if you were to die tomorrow.

📁 A good product on the shelf is better than a perfect one in your head.

📁 The way to get started is stop talking and planning start DOING. All that planning is getting in the way of you actually doing sh*t.

📁 By failing you are 10 times more than researching.

📚 Which was your favorite?
And what book shifted something for YOU in your life? 💌 ✨

👇🏽 Let us know on instagram.

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