Stop focusing on what you’re running from.

Begin Reading, Boo.


So where is your motivation coming from? The pain or the excitement? Be careful.

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You’ll manifest so much more into your life if you stop focusing on what you’re RUNNING FROM and start focusing on what you’re RUNNING TOWARDS.

A state of worry is like praying for what you don’t want mama.

For ex. If it’s more money you want:
…Instead of  “omg, I need to make money because I’m sick and tired of these bills or living this way. 😪”
… SHIFT it to  “I’m excited and looking forward to making more money so I can travel more, eat what I want, buy what I want! “

It’s a different kind ENERGY. 

Which of those focuses, and kind of energy do you do think will help you manifest more in your life? Yes, duh! Focusing on what you WANT – not what I don’t want, boo.

So where is your motivation coming from? The pain or the excitement? Be careful.

See, even though pain is a POWERFUL source of motivation, It can be hurtful to you in attracting and MANIFESTING what you want. It can slow down your progress or make your journey a drag.

Because whatever you focus on – whether you want it or not (will appear more in your life). Where is your energy going ?

When you try to MANIFEST away from something your vibes are just OFF negative. Your desperate, your fed up , and even if you’re productive in that state that energy isn’t the best.

But when you’re manifesting towards something your focus has now shifted on what you WANT. Good vibes turn on, you’re excited and it’s a whole different, inspired vibration.

Choose the right focus for your manifesting.

Remember, once you show attention to the crap you no longer want, you’re still acknowledging its presence in your life.

And for where you want to go, that crap problem doesn’t even exist so why still claim it.
Makes sense?


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