Want Different habits? See yourself as a different person.

by | Nov 7, 2017

Watch your words.

Watch your words. We say crap like “I just hate going to the gym. Just not my style” but we still set the goal wonder why we don’t go to the gym. We’re like ugh I don’t get why can’t stick to this goal.

It’s because our foundational beliefs about ourselves aren’t in alignment to who we strive to be.

We say “I am always so tired, that’s the kind of person I am” and then we wonder why we are always so tired!

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See… We will always act in accordance to who we BELIEVE and see ourselves to be so if you want to start ACTING differently you need to start thinking different things about yourself and WHO you are.**

A new personality creates a new reality. So F the bad “trait” you’ve had for years ….. WHO will you decide to be right now today moving forward. Decide and it will be easier to act accordingly.

Would a person who still feels attached to their identity as a late bird successfully wake up early consistently after setting that goal? After a few days, Probably not. Because they are more focused on the performance of their goal instead of the IDENTITY behind the goal.

A person who internally IDENTIFIES as a late bird will have a hard freaking time changing the external habit. But If they start seeing themselves as that kind of early bird person (first thinking it, speaking it, feeling it (visualize yourself that way) and OWNING that STATE OF BEING it’ll become much easier to bring the actions into play because they’ve detached from the old “them” and attached to the new.

And once you start taking those small actions like that person would that identity reinforces even more.

So WHO will you be moving forward? Re-write your truths and the actions will follow.

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