Why the thirst for perfectionism?

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Many of the most successful people don’t have the nicest or most perfect websites, nor the prettiest funnels, nor the cool logo, nor the most “visually cohesive” Instagram feed.

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Have you noticed something kind of funny?

Many of the most successful people don’t have the nicest or most perfect websites, nor the prettiest funnels, nor the cool logo, nor the most “visually cohesive” Instagram feed.

They may not even have many professionally taken photos that they use all the time.

Why? Because they put more importance on being fully engaged in their message. Fully in engaged in their calling so much that these “perfectly” created things don’t even matter to them.

They don’t starve themselves from their PURPOSE just because they’re so thirst for perfection .

I share this to say that you can stop over trippin’ and obsessing over a perfect strategy or the perfect videos, or that this color is better than that color, or that your site isn’t on fleekity fleek yet , or that your camera hasn’t come as yet.

It’s okay to get a little “messy”.

The strategy is to know your message, share your message, give massive value, communicate what you’re really here to do, and share with people how you can help them take things further.

Get obsessive about sharing your message and indulge in your calling. SHOW UP.

And detach from the need to have the perfect visuals, or that you have to know the “perfect time to post” on social media, ✋ or that you have to wait for the photo shoot.

Many “brand coaches” are driving you crazy and are over complicating this, so I had to let you know what it really is. What’s most important is staying in alignment with your calling and relentlessly sharing it.

NOTE: I’m not saying you shouldn’t strive for a nice website, nice images, or a cohesive feed etc. Because I LOVE that stuff.
BUT I’m saying don’t let it stop you, slow you down, or make you doubt yourself and your brand, or make you think that sharing your gifts must be put on hold because of it.***

You can stand out, succeed, and slay – with what you have and where you are as long you’re good at what you do and you lead and operate from passion and purpose .


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